Chilean in Merida

We are still far away from Chile and who knows if we ever make it there, but we already got some insight into the country’s’ culinary specialties. Americo, Helene’s husband, is Chilean and he knows a few other Chileans ex-pats in Merida. One of them is Eliana who invited us to her house for Chilean empanadas. She had some friends over from back home who cooked empanadas for us, the Chilean way. Empanadas are some type of filled pastry common in all Latin America. The ones we had were filled with pino, a mixture of ground beef, onions, hard boiled eggs and black olives.  Some of them were backed in the oven (empanadas de horno) others fried (empanadas fritas) -  I actually liked the fried ones even better. We ate them with a salsa of tomatoes, onions and cilantro. They were absolutely delicious and I was kind of embarrassed because Chris ate like 6 of them!! We also got to try a drink  called Pisco Sour, a mixture of lime juice, egg whites and Pisco, a Chilean liquor distilled from grapes.  Americo explained us that Pisco also exists in Peru and we only touched the debate going on over who produced the liquor first!  Other imported Chilean products we got to see was a special kind of sausage from southern Chile where many Germans settled as well as some kind of candy in form of babies (!?). We do not know if we ever make it to Chile but we are lucky we already had a taste of it.

Muchas Gracias Eliana para invitarnos!!

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